Ip Camera

IP cameras (also called network cameras, IP CCTV cameras, webcams, Internet cameras, or IP security cameras) allow you to live or recorded video from your PC connected to your computer network or the Internet.

IP camera security systems allow you to watch and manage your security cameras from any distant place. Remote monitoring from one central station offers huge cost-saving potential and is one of the many advantages of network videos. IP cameras are used as security cameras, as “webcams” on company websites and intranets, and remote monitoring and management tools in many sectors and environments. IP camera-based security systems are state-of-the-art, cost-effective, and highly flexible and are always the preferred choice for any new CCTV installation of any size.

Network Video Recorders (NVR)

A Network video recorder is in sequence with IP cameras and some conventional analog cameras. The analog cameras (which may be existing ones) are connected to the network video recorder or through a network video encoder. The NVR records the video images in digital format and converts them into an IP signal. It can send over IT networks like Local and Wide Area Networks. A network video recorder is a digital video recorder, and you can say that network video server combined in one device. It is this combination that gives you access to live and recorded video from wherever you are.

IP Video Recording Software

IP video recording software is a combination with IP cameras. The software is installed on a PC or server and connected to the Internet. This setup will give you access to live and recorded video, as well as the cameras and system’s functionalities, at any time and from any location.

General Benefits of Networked Video (IP Video) through Deployment of IP Cameras:

  • There is remote access to live and recorded images of any location at any time.
  • The possibility to monitor a large number of remote sites from one central location offers good cost savings.
  • Networked video systems have many automated features, reducing the time and resources on monitoring, and maintaining a video security system.
    These automated features enable improved security operations.
  • Reduce installation costs by utilizing existing communication networks.
  • Protect the existing investment in analog security systems with network video encoders.
  • It can scale up and increase the size of your security system when you need to.

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